Brake fluid IPONE DOT4 - 500ml
  • Brake fluid IPONE DOT4 - 500ml

Brake fluid IPONE DOT4 - 500ml

10,25 €

Brake Dot 4 format 250 ml, disappears and makes place in the 500-ml bottle !
This fluid for brake and clutch 100% synthetic is recommended for use in the hydraulic brake system of motorcycles, and is particularly suitable for vehicles with brake-system-ABS.
Meets the requirements of the standards for Dot 4 and Dot 3, it has a high boiling point of 270°C and dry at 160°C humid.The new format 500 ml-allows a complete emptying of the circuit, brake and clutch levers for motorcycles with a hydraulic clutch, and therefore also brings a gain in functionality

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