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Air filter TWIN AIR conical - ø45mm
  • Air filter TWIN AIR conical - ø45mm

Air filter TWIN AIR conical - ø45mm

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This air filter is for the carburetor for Dirt bike. The filre air is one of the most important organs for the proper functioning of the motor ! His job is to block for no more than the particles and contaminants hang in the air, whereby the maximum oxygen into the engine. Air filter foam are washable and it is recommended that once dry, spray lubricant, air filter, allows a better filtering of the incoming air and a better detection of impurities.

For optimum filtration and constant airflow, the TWINAIR filters are made of two-component foam dimple on top of each other and soldered together.

A first layer of breathable foam-trap dust, sand and dirt. Poet, the second layer of foam that holds the smallest particles and, simultaneously, promotes the passage of the air flow.

  • Diameter of base plate: 70mm.
  • Head diameter : 55mm.
  • Filter-foam.
  • Inner diameter : Ø 45mm.
  • Fixing clamp provided.

Tip for wash the air filter foam

  1. You separate the foam from the holder, without any effort.
  2. Wash stuffed them in a bowl, oil, petrol or White Spirit in a well-ventilated place and away from open flame.
  3. You let the and press the button several times, all the impurities are dissolved and washed away by the solvent. Wring the solvent gently to bend by the foam without.
  4. Let it dry a bit and re-oil the foam (AIR FILTER FLUID) to increase the capacity with filter.
  5. The fat keeps well in the dust. Do not use too much, press the foam and absorb the excess with paper or a clean cloth.
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