Gasket carburettor - ø30mm
  • Gasket carburettor - ø30mm

Gasket carburettor - ø30mm

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This kit sealing suitable for a carburetor and intake manifold in ø30mm, founis with a bakelite, o-ring, o-paper, as well as the screws for fastening carburettor.

Bakelite gasket (between carb and intake manifold)
- O-paper (between intake manifold and cylinder head)
- 2x screws and nuts for carburetor
- 2x screw for intake manifold
Dimension :

Seal Bakelite :

The inside diameter of the seal bakelite : Ø 30mm
- Hole spacing of fixing : 48mm

Paper seal :

Inside diameter of gasket paper : Ø 30mm
- Hole spacing of fixing : 48mm

Screw, carburetor (x2 + nuts) :

- Total length : 36mm
Diameter hole : Ø 6mm

Screw suction pipe (x2) :

- Overall length : 26mm
Diameter hole : Ø 6mm

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