14" front tyre - MICHELIN Starcross MS3 60/100-14
  • 14" front tyre - MICHELIN Starcross MS3 60/100-14

14" front tyre - MICHELIN Starcross MS3 60/100-14

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This tyre Michelin model star cross specifically for off-road use suitable for Dirt bike, with a wheel of 12" rear and 14" front, lStarcrossMS3 is the preferred choice of world champion for the race on soft ground. It has the best traction on loose and the front tire of the reference to the end-cross event on the l-angle and precise trajectory.

the Michelin StarCross MS 3 offers optimal conditions for driving on the soft ground, and mixed. Perfectly balanced, this is a guarantee of its motorcycles special performance at the enterprise level, which particularly by excellent adhesion, both on the straight and in curves. Ensures the immediate response and precision of the various requests of the driver, motorcycle tires from Michelin, as reliable as safe. He accompanied and effective champions in the big competitions where it was awarded.

A good behavior in the Michelin-distributed Starcross MS 3, the French manufacturer of paving stones rubber on M evenly, enable the quick and efficient evacuation of the slurry, the Lodge in the tread. What stabilizes the machine and provides excellent traction. With the paving of the shoulder, the arranged stones, and the stability of the tire is reinforced in the corners. Moreover, the running surface of the Michelin StarCross MS 3 is structured in such a way that an optimal contact with the soil and the restriction of the effect of bounce on hard floors. The reinforced side walls that absorb the shock, the tire effective against damage to external protected. Its durability is extended.

Thanks to the structure of the profile of the Michelin Starcross MS 3 Rear offers a good adhesion to various surfaces, and excellent impact resistance. This improves the wear resistance and service life.

  • Excellent skills for the competition
  • A tyre that is perfect for muddy bottoms
  • Wear resistance optimized
  • A soft compound for better grip

Description : :

  • Rear tire : 60/100-14 suitable for rim 1.4 or 1.6
  • Performance: Soft, Muddy, Sandy

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